Dog obedience training

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Obedience training is the fancy name for training basic obedience such as sit, down, recall etc as well as tricks such as leg weaves. Obedience training is the basis of any dog sports or competitive obedience as well as heel work to music. I believe all dogs should have some obedience in order to be happy dogs,

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Recall training

Training to make sure that
your dog returns
when you call,


Basic obedience

This covers sit, down, stand
and stay work as well as
the basics of recall,


IMDT partnership awards

The IMDT partnership award is a great scheme
where owners follow a programme of learning
and bonding with their dog, and
then take a test to earn a certificate,


Loose Lead walking

Fed up of your dog pulling you everywhere or
having aching arms from walks. Loose lead walking
is designed to help you and your dog enjoy
your walks again with a loose lead and no pulling.


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Frequently asked questions

Can I bring my children to your classes?

Well behaved children are very welcome in my classes.
They offer the opportunity for puppies without children at home to socialise.  The children enjoy watching the puppies and are often better than their parents at the training!  May be able to accommodate children that are nervous of dogs by sitting them behind a “fence”.

Which breeds attend?

The classes are open to all legal breeds.
It is essential for your puppy to socialise with all types of breeds so that they can  recognise the different looks and body language restrictions some breeds have.  Your puppy will find puppies of the same breed easiest because they were socialised with mum and litter mates.  Often unlikely pairings are formed through play. Puppies tend to pair up to those with similar attitudes rather than looks and size.

Which treats are good?

Treats need to be highly palatable (tasty), small and quick to eat.
You can use your dog’s food but for harder situations you may need something tastier. See Liver Cake Recipe

Do I need classes or a 1:1?

If you are unsure please contact us for advice.

Is there a maximum group size for Group Sessions?

Yes, 6 in the maximum number of dogs.
This ensures that each dog and owner receive enough 1:1 attention and assistance.

How will I remember everything?

Handouts are always provided so that you can re-read the information at home.

How do I know if I need a referral?

Please contact us if you are unsure after reading the 1:1 Behaviour Consultations page.

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