Dog Behaviour Training

This is training which is to help change or eliminate unwanted behaviours. This is ideal for reactive dogs or dogs that struggle with confidence.
This can also cover specific behaviours such as resource guarding, separation anxiety, mouthing or jumping up etc.
For puppies behaviour training would cover potty training, play biting and confidence building.

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Reactivity isn’t always aggression it just means a reaction to something. Most reactivity cases are dog or human reactivity which means your dog will react to people or dogs which can be anything from barking and lunging to actual aggression. Together we can work on putting in control and management and to reduce or eradicate this behaviour.


Confidence Building

Tricks and training designed to help build your dogs confidence such as scent work, working away from you as well as building up your connection between you and your dog. Ideal for anxious and nervous dogs.


Puppy Behaviours

This covers all puppy behaviour issues such as house training, play biting, crate training (if required) mouthing and teething etc. We can also start building up eye contact and working on building connection between you and your puppy as well as some basic obedience training.



Fed up of your dog jumping up at you when you come home or at guests or jumping up to try and steal food from you. We can help to create a new behaviour so when you come home or guests come over then your dog will no longer jump all over you.


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To start creating a new bond between you and your dog and to change unwanted behaviour
please contact me to discuss any requirements.

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Frequently asked questions

My dog has problems at home will the classes help?

No, the classes are for general obedience and control. Whilst you come to the class we will help you with any questions you may have. It is far better to have a home visit by Martin so that the problem can be addressed there.

What happens if my dog is too aggressive with other dogs?

If your dog is showing aggression to dogs or people we provide private consultations at our training centre. We can build up their tolerance very slowly and bring them into a class when ready.

Do you guarantee your services?

I most certainly do! I obviously can’t guarantee that your dog will be perfect, every minute of every hour or every day. But I can guarantee that I will stand by you during the training process and continue to give you support until you feel that you are happy with your dogs progression. Some dogs progress rapidly in training, and some at not as quick to progress, not to worry as I will help you as long as you need my help.

How often do you work with the dogs during the day?

I get the dog out training 4 times a day for about 30 minutes. The dog is then left in a quiet place to keep the dogs mind in a calm state. In between the training the dog is out twice a day socializing with other dogs. My aim is to get the dogs mind in a calm state as this goes a long way to stopping behaviours we do not want. Lots of one 2 one training and socializing but keeping the dogs mind calm and not allowed to go into that “red zone”.

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