Trusted by
Dog & Their Owners

I am an IMDT qualified trainer. IMDT trainers have undergone a rigorous assesment process to meet
the high standards expected of any IMDT member. Other qualifications;


Trusted by Thousands of
Dogs & Their Owners

Level 3 Animal Psychology, Level 3 dog training, Level 3 canine behaviour
training, pet sitting and walking diploma.


Trusted by Thousands of
Dogs & Their Owners

I have volunteered and worked with a wide variety of dogs within the
past 2 years from assisting other trainers to dog day care centres.

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What We Offer

Remz dog training was created by Rachel IMDT.
Rachel has worked with dogs for several years in various capacities from dog day
care centres to assisting in training classes, as well as owning dogs for the past 8 years.

Private Behaviour consults

121 behaviour work within your home and local area covering behaviour issues such as reactivity and anxiety

Private Traning

121 training within your home or local park covering obedience work

IMDT Partnership Awards

Working towards the IMDT partnership awards from grade 1 to grade 8

Group walks

A chance to meet other owners and dogs for a group walk


Single training events held to tackle common issues such as recall or loose lead walking. Please keep an eye on the calendar.

Puppy Training

Puppy training and puppy problem solving within your own home


Helping to teach your puppy/dog and you how to safely socialise and build confidence

Training Walks

Training and problem solving issues that arise on your walks such as pulling

Group Training

A chance to do private training or working towards the IMDT awards whist with your friends and their dogs, within your local area.

Why People

Choose Us

Accredited and approved

Remz dog training has been assessed and passed as a member of the IMDT.


We are fully insured to carry out training and behaviour work.

Modern and positive approach

We use a modern and positive approach towards training dogs.


We have a wide range of knowledge and continue to attend courses to keep up to date on knowledge and to bring you the owner the very best.

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